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Yay! My new literacy bundle is out, I am excited about it! I chose to use The Word Collector as the guided book. I love to share this book with teachers and students to help lead the way to beefing up our early elementary vocabulary.

I work with many second language students so adding in a English Language Development strategies was a must! One of my favorite activities is the Barrier Game. This game is made for partners, who site across from each other and use sentence frames to communicate. Think of a Battleship type game where you cannot see your opponent but have to try and put your pieces in the same place. One person delivers instructions through sentence frames while the other person tries to place their piece in the same place on their board. They check their boards and remove the barrier. It is so much fun!

Barrier Game – Backgrounds with pieces. Each partner gets the same materials.

Included in this literacy bundle are some graphic organizers to help early learners get their thoughts done. Asking students to write a story without helping them figure out where the information is coming from can be a difficult job, but using graphic organizers, anchor charts and word cards help students build a story in their minds and place the information and put it to use.

Also we have reading passages, a writing page, an ABC order page, vocabulary cards, a personal dictionary, and more. Check out the fun with this amazing book by Peter H. Reynolds.

Come check it out on my TpT store .

The Word Collector

Literacy Bundle for Early Learners grade K-3.





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