Elementary Literacy Bundles all about Getting your Students EXCITED about Writing! The Reluctant Writer’s Bundle

How hard is it to get those shy writers to produce any work at all? We all have those students who write about anything and everything!!! But, what about those that want to but can’t and won’t? One step in the right directions (Do you like that?) is having students exposed to books about shy or uncertain writers as well. Step two would be to expose those same students to books about students who do write, how they get it done. Non-abrasive books with characters that are similar in age will help your students put themselves into the stories. They will connect and try to write using the same tactics. It also help other students learn how to motivate their friends and classmates. No one wants to see someone struggle. And the writing struggle is real, folks!

Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills (book not included)

I created a Literacy Set Bundle with Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills. Rocket gets helps and inspiration from nature and friends to add words to tree and then to his story.

The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds

The Word Collector bu Peter H. Reynolds uses a story about a boy creating a collection of words and sharing them with the children around him. Both of these books help children see how to get creative to find words and topics for their stories.

Both Elementary Literacy Sets come with graphic organizers, vocabulary cards, words cards, a dictionary page, Barrier Games (for listening and speaking opportunities and sentence frames that aid with language production), alphabetical order page, anchor chart pictures, KWL page, reading passages and more. These sets are great for small and whole group activities, English Language Development Activities, and interactive notebooks. Both literacy sets have reading, writing, listening and speaking components over their 18 pages of engaging learning fun!

Come check them out in my store.

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