5 Back to School Hacks for Distance Learning

Yes, it’s true school is coming back and it’s going to be different for many kiddos this fall. Many students will meet their new teachers via Zoom or on a Webex meeting or maybe even through Flipgrid or chat- nothing old fashion about this fall. Let’s get through this the best we can and make the year a great one in spite of the weirdness that is Covid-19 back to school. So let’s get started…

  1. NEW OUTFIT!!! Everyone showing off their new school outfits on their first day back. Let’s keep the tradition and find that awesome yet comfy back to school outfit for your kiddo. Glam it up for that first meeting and let your little star make a great first impression to their class. Shop online at Target, Old Navy, Amazon, anywhere and get it delivered straight to your door. Or grab those masks and sanitizer and set a short time to get in, pick an outfit and go in style.
  2. While you are out go down the school supply section and pick up something new to help your student feel ready for school. Pencils, erasers, notebooks, maybe a fancy backpack to place their supplies in daily when the school day is over.
  3. Junior and High School Student will miss out on the lockers in the fall, but stocking up on a locker supply or two will help them get in the right groove of school organization. They have fuzzy locker carpets, picture frames and more how can you pass that up???? Stop and take a look.
  4. That leads me to the SCHOOL ZONE, a daily space made for school. A space for each child to spread their materials and decorate their space. Place a cork board near their space to pin work due and pictures will create a personal space. Add a name tag to the table just like the classroom, a space just for your child/student. Keep pencils and supplies in an easy access area. Place those locker decorations and new school supplies and they are ready for a great start!
  5. Schedule is routine and kids need routine. Place a schedule board or printout of their day where your child can see their daily routine. They can check to see what class is next, when homework is due, and what is coming up in the future. Time management is a large skill children learn during their their school days. Make it apart of their distance learning school day as well.

Back to school shopping was always my favorite as a kid and as a parent. I love the new materials, freshly sharpened pencils and a new backpack—it was the best! As an adult student and educator please please please do not let me pass up some colored pens and sticky notes- they are always on my back to school list!!! Let’s add some “normal” to distance learning with these five hacks.

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