More Favorite Teaching Tools …Writables

This week when I ventured to Target for grocery and household needs with mask on and a time limit I quickly walked past and snatched two of my favorite teaching tools, a dry-erase board and poster. Anything that we can write on as teachers I find to be a necessary teaching tool. We write while students look on and listen and that creates an inprint on their brain. Having erasable individual boards gives a place where students can pracitice their thoughts or formulas and them try out their skills with low pressure. Writables are the best for teachers and students, individually, whole group, small group, team work and solo presentations-they are worth it! What do I mean by writables? I mean chart paper, dry-erase boards, sticky notes, and any erasable surface.

So, as a walked in I bounded right to the dollar section at Target. I swiftly picked up one eraseable poster and one dry erase board. I will use these virtually when meeting with teachers and students and when we get back to in-person status I will use them with small groups. I have a larger lined erasable poster that I use outside my room to post important information for teachers. I update it monthly with dates and focus information. I love using posters!!!

I cannot leave out my favorite of these teaching tools, CHART PADS! I use these to create learning centers to draw, write, and teach new content to imprint concepts. Creating large graphic organizers and anchor charts let’s our students build content knowledge, organize it and then find it to reference from when applying the information. Color coding these pieces helps children see and organize the information for easy recall and finding. Chart paper is also a fun way for my small groups to share information for presentations.

Some of my favortie teaching tools are found in the dollar section at Target or at the Dollar Store- Dry-erase boards and writable posters. Chart Pads are more expensive, I get mine from Staples and Office Depot, but they are worth the cost because they help students, of any age, own the information they put on it. Posters, Chart Pads and Writeables allow us to practice without fear, present with authority, and build a classroom where information is all around.

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