Back to School Community Building SEL Activity for 1st Grade!!!!

I love first grade! It was my favorite grade to teach because I enjoyed watching their light bulbs go on when they learned to read. That brought me so much joy, now as a coach I drop by my first-grade classrooms whenever I get a chance so I can have some of those moments back in my life. This week I am back at work and the last two days have been about focusing on building SEL activities for back to school. SEL stands for Social-Emotional Learning this means positive self talk, empathy, respect for differences, being mindful, mood regulation and even digital citizenship. I got so excited about it I created my own activity!

Speaking in language comes first, so building language is vital. This helps students speak fluently with both their words and descriptions which are two huge components of both literacy and school success. Yes, a game is involved, yes, your class may ask you to play it more than once!!!! Try it out, I made a few but the rest are up to you.

Draw, write, speak, listen, and learn about one another with this Back to School Community Building Activity found here.

This is me! The first activity is coloring, drawing and labeling information about oneself. There are two of these pages so students can choose one.

Check it out and let me know how it goes!

Happy Back to School and Happy Community Building

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