Engaging English Language / Grammar Practice Asynchronously

How do we do that?

Let’s Say hello to Boom Cards and welcome to asynchronous learning that gives students engaging and fun practice and sends teachers feedback of student work. This information helps to guide next steps in the lessons. What is not to love about that cycle?

Boom Learning Game from Curve Your Learning

Synchronously teach whole group and reteach and fine tune to small groups then move to asynchronous independent practice with Boom Cards. Use that Boom Card data to create your next lessons (move groups, add/subtract/reteach/model/add practice/move forward). How perfect is that method!

Easier said than done, that is a given!!! But giving it a try may lead to making your life easier while still focused on students levels to move forward. But, why not let it be easier this time. Why not let your students practice with games that give you feedback? Is it a center- yes. Is it a game-yes. Does it provide student level practice-yes. It is practical content-yes. Can it reinforce learning- yes!!!! So… why not use it?

Find this game and more —– Curve Your Learning’s Boom Store

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