ELD Strategies and Methods with Jamboard

ELD stands for English Language Development- meeting the needs of students that are learning English as well as the core content areas can be a challenge. Building language helps empower our students. One way to do that while we are working in a remote or face-to-face environment is to use Jamboard. Jamboard is a application found on the Goggle Suite. Teachers can pose a question, add a picture and allow students to post a virtual note to share their ideas. Teachers can use that to check for understanding, check for background knowledge, use it again in the middle of the unit to check for understanding or the end for assessment.

You can add multiple pages and have students add to each one. Or one page per student as a project. By using this Jamboard idea before a unit you can determine what the children already know and what you need to learn together.

Some more ideas include:

For ELA you could use this Jamboard for language arts is to use it as a You can even use to post what they know about a book- characters, setting, plot, solution, or as a character analysis. This would be a fun way to for students to name character traits, build a family tree, or for social-emotion discussions.

For math you could have a problems and solution and have students agree with the solution or not and write their correct version. You could have them describe the steps of a problem.

There is so much that can be done!! Try it out and let me know what you have done.

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