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I often work in areas with high levels of second language learners, and my family are second language learners so I am always eager to find ways and grow language and reasons why it gets halted. Often times we think English Language Development can be taught with the supplemental text book guidelines that are 1-2 sentences long per daily lesson. This is NOT enough. Language learners need practice, daily practice, and throughout the subjects. Language Learners need to build upon what they know translating from their native language to English and building new content. They need to organize the information practice it, and apply it.

I have created a cheat sheet for adding in English Language Development strategies to lesson plans. I created a template, a strategies cheat sheet, a sample lesson and a grouping page to help other teachers who sometimes feel like they are struggling to meet the needs of their second language learners. I sometimes think my students are higher levels because their social interactions seem above their level, a common mistake, so this can help keep me and maybe you too, focused, on using strategies to build language, both receptive and expressive.

Sample template of a ELD lesson for a story reading

You can find this completed template, blank template, a list of strategies/ definitions, a and group sheet on my Teachers Pay Teachers site here. If you would like more help with adding EL strategies into your daily lessons plans in all your content areas send me an email and we can work together to create some focused and specific plans.



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