English Language Development- a unit!!!

English Language Development is near and dear to my heart. It is also a subject that can frustrate teachers. There are so many methods to integrate language strategies that build engagement. Many methods have been around for ages and are used with literacy, classroom management, mathematics and on and on. The strategies aren’t new, but telling a teacher they need to teach English Language Development can spark anxiety and cause teachers to forget their use of strategies. Strategies include sentence frames, choral response, graphic organizers, sketching and writing, using literature to practice foundational skills and using media to focus on piece to make inferences and so on. These practical skills are used daily to express, enhance and guide language. The same needs to happen in English Language Development.

How do we use these the great strategies and put them together to be effective for learning language in an engaging method for students and systematically for teachers? As progress is being made to answer that a pandemic occurs. But, now here we are in the middle of a pandemic and the stress to meet the needs of our language learners feels even higher. I thought about many ways to aid teachers during this time and recently created a unit using some of those engaging language practicing strategies we spoke about earlier.

Yay! A premade unit developed for my 1st and 2nd grade teachers out there. Lots of verbal practice, engaging activities, colorful photographs and resources to support the themed learning. Yes! It is fun, it is engaging and it is themed based! Yay!!!! Check out pictures from the unit below…

An engaging language development unit for 1st & 2nd grade

Using describing words is vital to growing writing but first students need the describing words vocabulary. Words! Students need word in order to use them, students need the chance to learn new words or transfer them from their native language to English.

Noun games- students need sentence parts to build sentences. They need nouns and adjectives and practice finding them and manipulating them. These games and graphic organizers help learn them.

Applying our built vocabulary to sentence frame to build language. Also to apply in reading to help understand and build text fluency when reading. Everything starts with building a background together and verbal practice- the stories and animal background do both.

A premade unit that is themed based for English Language Development using engaging strategies that build engagement and language practice for applied use…yay!!!!!!Here it is for you. The bundle includes the resources and costs only one dollar more than the six-week unit alone. Take a look and enjoy! Click the link to see it at Teacher Pay Teachers.

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