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I hope you are all doing well and with wishful thinking, I am hoping you are preparing to go from online teaching to soon to be in-person teaching again. Although schooling should always strive to advance and change with the times to meet the needs of the diverse students and needs, face to face teaching brings about a connection that can help amplify learning and create a safe environment for students. Face to face and technology work best together not as replacements for each other. I see this true of the youngest group of students, our language learners.

All students entering Preschool-1st grade are learning language at a rapid rate, whether they speak English at home or not or several languages. These grades build a lot of social, structure, and academic vocabulary. And everything can be learned from and turned into a game!

Games are fun! Games create a spirit of relaxation and reduce the filter so students allow themselves to engage more without worry about how they sound. They want to play, and have fun with their class. When learning English as a native or second language speaker adding games help to build connection, vocabulary, rule following, collaboration and pure enjoyment.

This is also an environment that builds self-esteem. Students try out new phrases, new language, trying and more. So, play games. Enjoy your time together while learning with games. Board games, slideshow games, Bingo games, alphabet games, Barrier Game and more bring learning to life and allow children of all ages to practice their skills – math, language, and more.

Whether you are preparing to be face to face again, or to continue in a virtual or hybrid world please add in games to your regular routines. Scaffold for language and early learners by giving them the necessary vocabulary tot participate, model game play and go over the rules with drawing/pictures/visuals as well as verbal and modeling. In this way your students can contribute and enjoy game play.

This a Boom Learning Game I have in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Although this game is an online game it can be played as a whole class on Zoom or Webex or others. The teacher can set teams and have rotating representatives give the answers. This can build team collaboration and can with teacher pre-teaching can build sentence stems for verbal language support. Online or in-person build that language before playing and everyone will enjoy the game and get far more out of it!



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