St. Patrick’s Day Creative Writing

Do you decorate your classroom with leprechaun traps in hopes of catching that sneaky one and so your students can get that pot of gold? I know you do! The kids absolutely love it! What a time of year to build some STEM into daily instruction and to build a trap. It’s a fun and I dare say magical time of year! What pairs well with some magical traps but some creative writing.

I created this St. Patrick’s Day Creative Writing based that allows the class to brainstorm adjective, prepositional phrases, other grammatical aspects of sentences based around the noun. Brainstorm together and students then use the structure to build some creative and comical sentences. I created this in color and black/white for use digitally or paper. This can be dropped into Seesaw or used on Flipgrid or other sites. Find it on the link below for $1.00 on my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store and begin enjoying the humorous sentences your students will create. Use these as examples and build more using vocabulary from class and building leprechaun traps.

This creative writing piece is fun and easy to add to your virtual or face to face classroom. Build in presentation skills which are apart of the Common Core, English Language Arts, and English Language Development Standards. Students can illustrate and share their favorite sentence and those can be collected and turned into a class book. Or students can record themselves showing off their illustration and saying their creative sentence on Seesaw or Flipgrid and those put into a slideshow or movie for the whole class to screen. Fun, written and oral language practice and an example to add to student learning portfolios.



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