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The Google Education Suite continues to build innovative and helpful programs such as Jamboard. I love to use this application with students of all ages, especially with my English Language Learners/ English Second Language Students. There are so many ways get students to engage! Writing is vital to students language development but finding a starting place for everyone’s needs is tough.

One way to meet students where they are in their language journey is by building from their social language. Students love to chat with one another about their weekend or with activities they wish they had done instead of what actually occurred. Starting with social language means students are a bit more confident with what they have to say and how they say it. This is a great place to notice areas for expansion.

This is where Jamboard from Google comes into play. Adding in questions and pictures will help elicit information from students. Each page adds a chance for students to add onto their thinking. At the end of the pages students have given you a ton of real time assessments. You can see where they are successful and where they need support- vocabulary, sentence starters, incomplete sentences, tenses, no writing, and so much more. You can also take the information to Writer’s Workshop or a writing center and students can take information from each page and create a paragraph or two.


I made this free Jamboard and you can find it on my TpT site or the link above.

Check it out!



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