Back to School Face to Face from the Virtual World -Tip

If you are like me you are preparing to go back to school face to face. This might be making you stressed out! You have lots of classroom organization and design to get to since we didn’t start in the fall. Of course there is also fear, nerves, and more. Then add on to that the shift in how to you instruct. This is a crazy time! Now, put those feelings aside, but only for a moment, and think about the nerves and anticipation of your students.

Your students are starting school in a weird way- they already know you online. They don’t know their classroom, they may not feel connected to their classmates, they may feel like they are walking into a new space. Those first day of school butterflies are coming in strong! How can you make a difference and help your students and their parents ease back onto the campus? I have a solution!

Setup your classroom, get all your students desks ready (this is a lot of work), and then record yourself giving your students a classroom tour. Show them where the desks are located, where to put their materials, where they sit, and so on. This is also where you can go over the new procedures- like how to go to the bathroom (asking/walking there etc.), entering/exiting the classroom, turning in work and so on. Students and families want to know what to expect and the rules. So they can understand the management in these new times in the classroom and on the school campus. This will help you and them!

Things to consider recording:

*video the classroom

*record a welcome message

*procedures for bathroom use, washing hands, lining up

*how to enter/ exit the classroom

*where their materials go

*where they sit

*where the teacher sits

*the schedule (especially if it has changed)

Consider sending it through email, parent messaging system, your class website, Flipgrid or as a Youtube private video for your families. I also highly suggest sending it to your office manager/secretary and Admin so if parents request it or refer to it they can help send it out. They can also spread the word to other teachers at your site or themselves for that matter. This will make your students and their families feel more comfortable about their return- because we all know they want to be in your presence! They want to be in your classroom learning with you in person. This can help them get right into the swing of things to let the in person community building begin.

Published by Curve Your Learning

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting! I'm Liz and the creator of Curve Your Learning and The Reading Curve. I created resources and drive teachers, coaches, and parents to increase student learning success. I have been in education for 17 years, have a multiple subject credential, M.S., a literacy certificate, and am working towards my Ed.D. At home, I am a boymom and wife of 16 years who loves to glamping, paddleboard, and have fun!

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