Springtime, Rhyme Time

Welcome to Spring! The days are beautiful, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming. And our students are getting ready to head back to the classroom. Reading, writing and literacy are going to need some extra effort to bridge the gap that may have formed over the COVID time. My students are some of those in need of help this spring in the area of rhyming.

Do you have that problem too? Some of my reading students in grades 1-2 cannot rhyme! This skill is usually honed in Kindergarten, but many of students who are learning English haven’t grown up with English nursery rhymes and rhyming stories. But rhyming is very connected to the language and needs to be taught. The more kids know about rhyming the more they can understand about word families/CVC words and lead to easier reading. The lack of vocabulary and the playful way we use words starts far before kids start school.

So, my students are working on making CVC words, talking about what they mean and that they rhyme. We talk about what part of the word must rhyme. Rhyming listening, speaking and writing are a great and necessary skill to practice this spring. I made a few pages to help my students as a review of all the work we have been doing speaking and reading rhymes. After we work on rhyming we want to make sure students can find and use rhymes. The pages I created for my students allowed them to practice finding rhyming words, choosing the correct ones to make sense of the sentence and then reading the sentence again. This way we can get our students applying what we have been working on together.

4 pages:

1 match the rhyming words page (they don’t all rhyme just two each)

2 find the correct rhyming word, fill in the sentence, and read it

1 write a sentence with two rhyming words and draw a matching sentence

Check-it out on my teachers pay teachers page by clicking the link here .

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