End of the Year Letter Assessments for Pre-K, Kinder and 1st-Grade students

It’s that time of the year…assessment time. Really teaching early literacy it’s always assessment time. We are constantly checking our students needs and reevaluating how we are meeting those needs to help them move forward. For me, I’ve been working on literacy intervention for various grade levels and have students still barely aware of letters as markers of sounds.

I worked to create a little booklet that is used to help track students success with letter identification and their ability to write a the letter I saw. If they can read and write it they know it and that is success. I made a little booklet that allows for students to practice identifying the letter names. Once they can identify all the letters on the page, I fold the letters back so they are not visible, then have students write the letter I say. If students have then both correct they get a stamp or sticker next to their written letter to show off their mastery.

If students don’t make it, we practice on the letter they need help with. This tracks their success level for assessment. It also encourages students by having a growing list of letters they can identify and write. Students I work with will often run back into the class and straight towards their teacher to show off the new stamps or stickers they added to their book and quickly tell their teacher what letter it is. The excitement and pride is very visible! Teachers can take this further and use it during literacy center to identify letter names, letter sounds, write letters, and use the booklet as a resource to help them with letter identification for other work. Students can also take it home to read to their families.


Find it here for $1.00 and use to end this school year and begin future years.

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