Hi! I’m Liz the person behind Curve Your Learning.

I create materials for teachers and parents to use to support learning especially in the areas of literacy (reading, writing, listening and speaking), S.T.E.A.M., and Preschool. I am a Boymom, wife and Ed.D. student besides a teacher. I love to learn, love to help others learn and help support those who are doing the teaching.

What I Do Daily

I coach teachers with English Language Development strategies and prior to that worked as a reading intervention teacher to help support struggling reading and teachers from TK- 3rd-grade. I model lessons and strategies, build curriculum, facilitate learning for teachers and parents and help build leadership.

What I Do as a Parent

No clue! Everyday is an adventure with a teen and preteen in tow. Somedays, heck some minutes, it is ‘normal’ and other it’s a war zone in my house because I asked for someone to do their daily chore they have been doing since they were four years old. I try to breath, meditate, pray and get through each crazy moment stronger or smarter.

What I Do To Learn

Currently, I am taking course to get my Ed.D. in Education with a specialization in Training and Development. I study and do homework about days a week. I appreciate online learning, if it wasn’t for that option I would have to wait another six or more years before I could finish my learning journey. Additionaly, I learning from Make Your Mark, and have taken many workshops on coaching, English Language Development and Distance Learning over this unprecedented time.

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