Elementary Literacy Bundles all about Getting your Students EXCITED about Writing! The Reluctant Writer’s Bundle

How hard is it to get those shy writers to produce any work at all? We all have those students who write about anything and everything!!! But, what about those that want to but can’t and won’t? One step in the right directions (Do you like that?) is having students exposed to books about shyContinue reading “Elementary Literacy Bundles all about Getting your Students EXCITED about Writing! The Reluctant Writer’s Bundle”

Monster Math Kindergarten Review

Today’s new Boom Game: Monster Math Review. These Kindergarten concepts were made into a self-correcting digital Boom Game. Preview the game by clicking on this link. This self correcting digital game is a great way to fortify some Kindergarten concepts before the coming year or to start off the first grade year strong. Concepts includeContinue reading “Monster Math Kindergarten Review”

Happy Terrific Tuesday To You All!

A little alliteration to start off your Tuesday and hopefully it is a good one. Here in Gilroy, it is Sunny and the weather plans on being a scorcher! We are still stuck inside but are trying to make the most out of it. My boys are getting a bite to eat and riding aroundContinue reading “Happy Terrific Tuesday To You All!”

Elementary Literacy

Yay! My new literacy bundle is out, I am excited about it! I chose to use The Word Collector as the guided book. I love to share this book with teachers and students to help lead the way to beefing up our early elementary vocabulary. I work with many second language students so adding inContinue reading “Elementary Literacy”


Thank you for joining me on this adventure! I just changed my blog from Blogger here with a little format change, a little more information added and now we begin! I make curriculum for teaches and parents who will be homeschooling or looking to support their children with interventions. My favorite part of teaching isContinue reading “Welcome!”