Teacher Self-Care

A lot of SEL talk is being thrown around to make sure students are coming to school virtually or in person so they can focus and learn. Schools are focusing on mediation, positive self-talk, mindset, diversity, digital citizenship and mood management and more. Schools are student centered and providing support for parents with those sameContinue reading “Teacher Self-Care”

More Favorite Teaching Tools …Writables

This week when I ventured to Target for grocery and household needs with mask on and a time limit I quickly walked past and snatched two of my favorite teaching tools, a dry-erase board and poster. Anything that we can write on as teachers I find to be a necessary teaching tool. We write whileContinue reading “More Favorite Teaching Tools …Writables”

One of my all-time favorite teaching tools…

Colored pens and markers make the classroom and coaching sessions differentiated.  I know what you are thinking differentiated?  How do colors of ink make things differentiated?  Well, there are three ways and counting. *Organization *Coding & Encoding *Leveled Organization:  This means that when we are meeting our groups of students or teachers, we want toContinue reading “One of my all-time favorite teaching tools…”