I love to teach with…

I love to teach with my…wait no I love to be organized!

There are two ways I love to stay organized one with my planner and one with my notes. I use a Happy Planner to manage my monthly and daily schedules. I am an academic coach for district and need to keep my dates and appointments on order. I schedule visits, I make curriculum, I give advice, demonstrate lesson and answer many questions. I need a planner that can handle all of that information, neatly and then some. The Happy Planner allows me to customize my needs, and it is pretty!

What I also really enjoy about The Happy Planner is the ability to add in my own pages for my coaching needs or personal pages to keep up with my kiddos. With the use of The Happy Planner hole punch I can add in my specialized pages.

I created a special page for organizing my meeting notes. I hate them floating around and going missing. I have written on the back of student work, on forms that needed to be turned in the office and on and on. I needed a form that was open for my needs, clean, color coded and able to add into my Happy Planner for easy retrieval. No writing on the wrong piece of paper, no adding it to the recycle bin as soon as I stepped foot back into my classroom with the rest of the junk mail from my overstuffed mailbox.

My personalized binder

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My personal laminator is definitely a teaching tool I love!

This is something I love to teach with…well to use to make my work personalized and reusable. My students could have personalized materials and the teachers I support could have materials that are very specific to their theme or standards. Today I made a pesonalized planner and that allowed me to add a label and make the front and rear covers thicker. I just love it!

Ideas: Customer folder covers, literacy covers, binder covers, planner covers, pictures for KWL, anchor charts and graphic organizers, for classroom made books, for science charts, to recreate wipeable/reusable pages for centers, for classroom decor, for name tags, for directions, for homework folders and the list goes on and on!

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