Interactive Self-Correcting Learning Games

Yay! I love Boom Learning Cards! These self-correcting digital games are fun to make and I love when happy campers send me cute pictures of their little ones enjoying the fun. Since games are self-correcting children get the chance to try over and over again with real time feedback. It is a no pressure, fun way to learn and limit screen time to appropriate activities.

I love to make Boom Games that go along with concepts we are learning so students can reinforce their learning at home or during their independent learning time at school. Boom cards are played on tablets and computers. I like it add in audio instructions or aids to many of my games so kids can be truly independent.

Boom Cards are sold on and can be added to Google Classroom, within Boom Learning or stand alone as a link to the game. If used on Boom Learning teachers can keep track of skills learned and assign games to groups or whole class. This is a link to my store to check out what I have for Preschool – 3rd grade math and literacy.

Boom Learning Cards in Action

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