Thank you for joining me on this adventure! I just changed my blog from Blogger here with a little format change, a little more information added and now we begin! I make curriculum for teaches and parents who will be homeschooling or looking to support their children with interventions. My favorite part of teaching is the “aha” moment! Whether it is with students or the teachers I coach, the aha moment is the reason I work in education. I love to see the information, skill, knowledge or steps come together and make a difference from that point on. That is why I am here now creating materials and resources to help teachers and parents experience those aha’s!

Today’s Big Item

Today, I decided to create my binder/ planner. I love the Happy Planner that I have for my district job but I wanted something for my curriculum work. Since Hobby Lobby was opened two weeks ago I was able to walk through the aisles in search of a planner for Curve Your Learning. I want to be able to put in my learning, track my work, keep my resources and so on. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I made it.


I printed out a title, used my trusty laminator to thicken the top and back pages, punched some holes, added some rings and now I am satisfied. One down and more to go. I have so many more ideas to make my own planners and binders.